What is diamond honing and how can it help my Travertine?

diamond honingDiamond honing or Travertine honing is Travertine honing is a sanding process to remove a thin layer of the stone.  The thin layer may be equivalent to the thickness of a fingernail.  All natural stone is mined from the earth and put through a diamond honing process to create a type of hone or polish look.

Over time, the stone will wear down much like wood floors.  We repeat this same process with the diamonds to restore your floors.

What are the advantages of using this diamond honing process? Here are just a few:

  • Travertine honing will remove light scratches and wear, stains, and smells impregnated into the surface of the stone.
  • Travertine floors become discolored over time.  This discoloration will hide the natural colors and movement within the stone.
  • Light scratches or wear can cause a travertine floor to look dull and dirty.   However, these scratches and wear cannot be removed without diamond honing (sanding) past the scratches.

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David Bizaillion, Owner



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